Week 2 Challenge #preppindata

This week I had to re-do the workflow and go back on some steps to get to the most efficient solution.

What did I learn this week?

No Sample tool

With my background in Alteryx, the first thing I wanted to do was use the “sample” tool to get rid of the first 2 rows with the headers. To do this in Tableau Prep, it was much simpler – you just needed right click on each cell and select “remove”.

No Dynamic Rename tool

To do this in Alteryx, all you need to do is use the dynamic rename tool and it renames all the headers to the first row of data.

However, in Tableau Prep, what I needed to do was get rid of the first line of data and then rename the headers manually. This is not very practical if you are working with a big data set that has numerous fields.

Adding a branch and not a step

When I wanted to explore a different route to get something done, what I needed to do was create a branch instead of creating a new step. A new step will follow the flow and add another tool, but a branch will allow you to add an alternative route to the one you are currently on.


I can switch from columns to rows to rows to columns. In Alteryx, I would use two different tools, so it was a nice surprise to discover this could be done in one step in Tableau Prep!

I don’t think I have ever used the pivot tool before. But when I did, I found it to be quite self-explanatory. You have the fields you want to pivot and the corresponding values.

At first, when I tried it, it wasn’t pivoting the way I wanted. When I dragged values into the aggregated part, it was counting them up and when I tried to find the option to sum, there was no option. I was expecting the option to SUM. However, I realised that the reason it wasn’t summing was because of the data type – school boy mistake!

Try the challenge for yourself here.

What did you learn this week?
Comment below!

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